Now we’re having trouble with ‘she’.

He is chasing she and Donald.
What is wrong with this sentence? The word ‘she’, that’s what. For one, ‘she’ doesn’t come before Donald. But the second thing is, if you eliminate the words ‘and Donald’, you have to read this as ‘He is chasing ‘she’. Now does that sound right? Of course not. You would say, ‘He is chasing her.’ Now wouldn’t you?
So okay, guys. You can see how easy it is to figure this out. So let’s get on with it, okay?

Love you. Really.
Bully Bitch

The glory is in the journey. Says who?

It’s true you should try to enjoy the journey toward your goals, but why in the world would anyone believe that’s where the glory is? I mean, hasn’t anyone ever experienced the wonder of a task completed?

Sure, there’s enjoyment in discovering your way, but really, guys. Let’s face it. There’s no better feeling than getting a difficult task done. You can step back, view it, and see what all that hardship was about. Nothing like it. I suspect that whoever first said the glory is in the journey is one who hasn’t yet experienced a job well done. Sure, it’s sad sometimes when you have it done and need to get on with another, leaving that joy behind, but then you have the next completed job to look forward to. Can’t get any better.

If you disagree, then let me know. I won’t mind a discussion or two about this. Really.  🙂

Love you anyway,

Bully Bitch   🙂

Can you believe this?

The other day, I was told by a check-out person that it was a pleasure to finally find someone who says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Can you believe that?
I found that unbelievable.
What’s the matter, people? Are you not saying please and thank you? Don’t you think it would help make your shopping experiences better? Think about it.
Please and Thank You are a very old custom, dating back to ‘I don’t know when’. It’s a formal custom that shows respect for the person you’re dealing with. And it is a well know, scientific fact that if you show respect and consideration to others, you will receive that in turn. Most of the time. Unfortunately there are still people out there who think they don’t have to do that. But if you persevere, you will make your life much easier.
We’re getting way too into the ‘me’ mode. You’re thinking ‘I am the only one who will take care of me’. Well, life is not really like that. You have to give before you can expect to get. Start treating people with a little more respect and see what happens. Evidently some of you will be surprised.

So you want to be perfect, huh?

You can’t be perfect so stop worrying about it. Just do your best and whatever you do will be okay. Except, of course, if you intend to hurt someone. That’s not good, so don’t even think about it. But if you’re wanting to build a business on the Internet, then do it.

Build your product. Then put it out there to see if people want to buy it. If they do, then you make the improvements your product needs. Or change it altogether, if it needs it.

If you are writing an ebook, then make sure there are no typos involved. Use your spell check in your program, but also read your work all the way through to make sure you have all the typos corrected. All your sentences correct. All your words correctly used.

And sell the benefits first when selling your product. Benefits sell better because your customers are only interested in what your product can do for them. Customers may not understand the features of your product, (what it’s made up of) but they will always understand what it can do for them.

So get out there and just do it. And enjoy what you’re doing. That’s important, too.

Love you,
Bully Bitch

Is it past or passed?

So much to learn to write well, isn’t there? Well it’s not so hard, really. You just gotta do it. Now here’s one I find misused often. Past vs passed. You’d think this one is simple, and it is, but too many people are getting it wrong.

I’ve seen sentences like: I went passed him. (Wrong)
Should be: I went past him.

Reason being, past means what has happened.
Passed means you are doing it now. Or wished you had.

Correct usage:
I went past the shop.
I passed him by.
I should have passed that some time ago.
I saw him go past that store.
I passed the exam.
I went past Joe’s yesterday.

Are you getting it now? It really isn’t hard. You just have to stop and think a moment. Again, get a book like ‘The Writer’s Reference’ by Diana Hacker. Can get it at Amazon. At least get a reference guide. It will help you immensely.

Love you,
Bully Bitch


I’m still cringing at the way people can misgrammartize the English language. And, no, that big word in that sentence is not a recognized word. I just made it up. But it does express my feelings. That’s one thing about the English language. You can make up words. But what you can’t do is misgrammartize it. That means there is no saying:

To meet up with Dave and I
To go with Joe and I
Grab a ride with Rick and I

If you dropped the words ‘Dave and’, you would not say ‘To meet up with I’ now would you? No.
If you dropped the words ‘Joe and’, you would not say ‘To go with I’, would you? No.
If you dropped the words ‘Rick and’, you wouldn’t say ‘Grab a ride with I’. Of course not.
So why are you saying those sentences like you are?

If you want to sound intelligent, then you have to speak your own language intelligently. That is just a given, folks. I’m sorry if that upsets you, but that is the way it is. So get over it and get on with it. We want the rest of the world to stop thinking we’re lazy and stupid. We’re not, but how are they going to know that if we can’t speak our own language correctly? Enough said?

Love you. Really.
Bully Bitch

Now listen up

I just read a novel that had a sentence in it I just couldn’t pass up commenting on. The sentence was, “Thanks a lot, mom.” Does anyone see what’s wrong with this sentence?

The proper pronoun is not capitalized, that’s what. The word ‘Mom’, that is.

When you are writing dialog, which shows the speaker talking to someone, you must capitalize the proper pronouns. That sentence should have been, “Thanks a lot, Mom.” See what I mean?
It shows respect for the person you’re talking to. Remember that.

Love you,
Bully Bitch

Come on, guys

I heard a TV show that had one of its characters asking another “why don’t you ride with Jake and I?” Now what is wrong with this script? If you leave out the words ‘Jake and’, and then say the sentence “Why don’t you ride with I?”, you would see in a minute it isn’t correct. This is such a simple little trick to do to determine if you have your sentence correct that I don’t understand why people are not using it. Come on, guys. Get with the program here. Start using this little trick and you’ll start sounding intelligent in no time.

Love you,

Bully Bitch

Okay. No more nice guy

I have several issues here today.

I’m reading a book that has a fabulous storyline. I love it. EXCEPT! What in the world is making this author call the floor in a house the ground and the ground outside a floor? This isn’t the only author, either. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? I mean, you don’t go to the store and buy grounding for your house. You go to buy flooring, so why are some authors labeling these things backwards? For heaven’s sake, people. Ground is the dirt and grass outside. Floor is what we walk on in the house. Geesh!

Now for punctuation. I’m reading too many books that don’t have the proper punctuation. A question requires a question mark, like this: ?   A statement doesn’t have a question mark, but I have read some books that actually are putting question marks at the end of them.

(I’m not listing names of these authors here because I wish to protect the guilty. But you all should know who I am talking about if you do any reading at all)

Now I know there are statements that are said much like a question but aren’t, and questions that are said like statements. I know this is confusing but if the authors will take the time to read out loud what they have written, these things will pretty much clear themselves up. Take a moment to do that. It’s called editing.

Now for the last of my tirade.
I read a book that I loved very much, but I read in it a sentence that made me cringe. It goes like this:
‘How he had chased she and Princess ______through the stronghold.’
Come on, people. Do the little exercise I wrote about in an earlier post and remove the words ‘and Princess ____’ . Then say the sentence. ‘How he had chased she through the stronghold’. Now does that sound right? No, it does not. You would say, “How he had chased her through the stronghold.” So the correct way to say the complete sentence is: “How he had chased her and Princess ____through the stronghold.” See how that goes?

These exercises are really very simple. Easy to learn and do, so start doing them. That way you can stop making your readers cringe and get jerked right out of your story. I’m only saying this because I love you. I want you to succeed, become best-sellers. Like I want to be. 🙂

Love you,
Bully Bitch