A lesson in ‘should of’.

I’ve read too many sentences that contain the words ‘should of’ when speaking of someone who should have been doing something. Now I know it often sounds like that is what people are saying, but it isn’t. What they’re really saying is ‘should have’. And that is what you should be writing when you are talking about something someone should have been doing. To write ‘should of’ just lets people know you are not very educated in the ways of the English language. And if you are a citizen of an English speaking country, then this is not acceptable. If you want to sound intelligent, you need to speak your own language properly. It is an unconscious act that everybody automatically treats anyone with respect when he/she speaks his/her language properly. It happens everywhere. Can be actually witnessed if you pay close enough attention. So take these lessons to heart. Your life can be greatly improved simply by speaking your language properly. Try it.

Now we have to deal with ‘who vs that.’

I’ve been reading a lot of emails, articles, stories that are saying ‘that’ in place of ‘who’ when talking about a person. Now listen, folks. Since when are people things? ‘That’ refers to a thing. ‘Who’ refers to a person. So instead os saying, “She was the one that noticed it.” You should be saying, “She was the one who noticed it.” Now doesn’t that sound better?
The reason I’m getting opinionated about this is because when you use the word ‘that’ in reference to a person, you are demeaning that person. And I’m wondering if this isn’t a part, albeit a tiny part, of the problems our world is facing today. People don’t think well of each other anymore. A good too many of us, anyway.
I know this isn’t something we have done on purpose. It’s all unconsciously done. That is, when we use ‘that’ instead of ‘who’, we are unconsciously telling that person he/she doesn’t matter. And that person will get the message even while they are not consciously thinking about it. It’s demeaning and it does cause a shift in our thinking even if we are not realizing it. We need to do better.
Now I know this is a tiny thing I’m suggesting, but if we do this simple little change in how we speak of other people, we may see some little bit of change in how we think of one another. I’m thinking this just might be a good experiment to try. What do you say?

Okay. What’s with ‘shaking your head yes’?

What’s actually happening when you shake your head in the yes mode? You are nodding your head, isn’t it? So why have we started saying ‘shaking your head yes’? You’re nodding. That’s it.

Now you’ve all surely heard by now that ‘less is more’, right? So why does it make sense to you by saying ‘shaking your head yes’, when nodding is all you need to indicate the action? Come on, guys. We can all do better than that.

Love you anyway,
Bully Bitch

Now we’re having trouble with ‘she’.

He is chasing she and Donald.
What is wrong with this sentence? The word ‘she’, that’s what. For one, ‘she’ doesn’t come before Donald. But the second thing is, if you eliminate the words ‘and Donald’, you have to read this as ‘He is chasing ‘she’. Now does that sound right? Of course not. You would say, ‘He is chasing her.’ Now wouldn’t you?
So okay, guys. You can see how easy it is to figure this out. So let’s get on with it, okay?

Love you. Really.
Bully Bitch

The glory is in the journey. Says who?

It’s true you should try to enjoy the journey toward your goals, but why in the world would anyone believe that’s where the glory is? I mean, hasn’t anyone ever experienced the wonder of a task completed?

Sure, there’s enjoyment in discovering your way, but really, guys. Let’s face it. There’s no better feeling than getting a difficult task done. You can step back, view it, and see what all that hardship was about. Nothing like it. I suspect that whoever first said the glory is in the journey is one who hasn’t yet experienced a job well done. Sure, it’s sad sometimes when you have it done and need to get on with another, leaving that joy behind, but then you have the next completed job to look forward to. Can’t get any better.

If you disagree, then let me know. I won’t mind a discussion or two about this. Really.  🙂

Love you anyway,

Bully Bitch   🙂

Can you believe this?

The other day, I was told by a check-out person that it was a pleasure to finally find someone who says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Can you believe that?
I found that unbelievable.
What’s the matter, people? Are you not saying please and thank you? Don’t you think it would help make your shopping experiences better? Think about it.
Please and Thank You are a very old custom, dating back to ‘I don’t know when’. It’s a formal custom that shows respect for the person you’re dealing with. And it is a well know, scientific fact that if you show respect and consideration to others, you will receive that in turn. Most of the time. Unfortunately there are still people out there who think they don’t have to do that. But if you persevere, you will make your life much easier.
We’re getting way too into the ‘me’ mode. You’re thinking ‘I am the only one who will take care of me’. Well, life is not really like that. You have to give before you can expect to get. Start treating people with a little more respect and see what happens. Evidently some of you will be surprised.

So you want to be perfect, huh?

You can’t be perfect so stop worrying about it. Just do your best and whatever you do will be okay. Except, of course, if you intend to hurt someone. That’s not good, so don’t even think about it. But if you’re wanting to build a business on the Internet, then do it.

Build your product. Then put it out there to see if people want to buy it. If they do, then you make the improvements your product needs. Or change it altogether, if it needs it.

If you are writing an ebook, then make sure there are no typos involved. Use your spell check in your program, but also read your work all the way through to make sure you have all the typos corrected. All your sentences correct. All your words correctly used.

And sell the benefits first when selling your product. Benefits sell better because your customers are only interested in what your product can do for them. Customers may not understand the features of your product, (what it’s made up of) but they will always understand what it can do for them.

So get out there and just do it. And enjoy what you’re doing. That’s important, too.

Love you,
Bully Bitch