Bio: I began my writing career as a 3rd grader. No kidding. Fell in love with the stories I read and so I started daydreaming. Made my teachers crazy because I preferred staring out the classroom window than listen to them. I mean I was IN LOVE with writing. My grades suffered in elementary school because I hadn’t yet learned to prioritize. But I got that cleared up by high school and so my grades improved. Considerably. But my writing urge is why I was an English major in high school and in college. I wanted to know exactly how I should write sentences and know exactly what words to use. And how to spell them correctly. Now I’m not saying I retained the knowledge of what each sentence type is called or what each type of word is called, either. What I have done, however, is retain the knowledge of how to write. And when I finished with all that education, I then found myself needing to come up with story ideas. It wasn’t long when they started coming. And I mean entering my brain like a thunderstorm. Many thunderstorms. I have enough story ideas written down and some even outlined now to last me the rest of my life. But I need to write them well. So I have been buying books on how to write and even have taken some online courses. You can never stop honing your craft.

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