Big Brother?

I was just informed that the term ‘Big Brother’ does not always refer to our government. It is used to mean anyone who spies on everyone else. Now during that conversation, I became confused as to who my opponent was referring to when she said Big Brother. We were talking about how hackers can get in on even smartphones. Take a picture of what’s on your screen, then blow it up to see what you had on there. Can get all your info that way.

Now I wasn’t arguing about that. I know that can happen. What I objected to was her referring to that as Big Brother. She said it was a term everyone uses nowadays for that. That was what I was objecting to.

To me, Big Brother means our government. So when she said that term, that’s what I thought she was referring to. Made the conversation a little confusing to me. So I suggested to her that she and I come up with a different term for everyone else and leave the term Big Brother to our government. It’ll make things easier for everyone when we know for certain of whom we are talking. Don’t you think?

So I suggested we call the hackers ‘Big Sister’. She didn’t like that. Said hackers can be women also. I said I knew that but think a minute. What do men call each other when they want to be insulting? They call each other ‘lady’, don’t they? Or the others ‘girls’. So why can’t we use the same term? I think hackers ought to be insulted, so if men think the term ‘ladies’ is insulting, then why can’t we just use it? It doesn’t matter if some hackers are women, they all know the connotation of the term and so will feel the insult as well. So I say let’s call the hackers Big Sister and our government Big Brother. It’ll keep everything straight. What do you say? Or if you have a better term, then let’s hear it. I’m willing to listen.

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