The glory is in the journey. Says who?

It’s true you should try to enjoy the journey toward your goals, but why in the world would anyone believe that’s where the glory is? I mean, hasn’t anyone ever experienced the wonder of a task completed?

Sure, there’s enjoyment in discovering your way, but really, guys. Let’s face it. There’s no better feeling than getting a difficult task done. You can step back, view it, and see what all that hardship was about. Nothing like it. I suspect that whoever first said the glory is in the journey is one who hasn’t yet experienced a job well done. Sure, it’s sad sometimes when you have it done and need to get on with another, leaving that joy behind, but then you have the next completed job to look forward to. Can’t get any better.

If you disagree, then let me know. I won’t mind a discussion or two about this. Really.  🙂

Love you anyway,

Bully Bitch   🙂

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