Is it past or passed?

So much to learn to write well, isn’t there? Well it’s not so hard, really. You just gotta do it. Now here’s one I find misused often. Past vs passed. You’d think this one is simple, and it is, but too many people are getting it wrong.

I’ve seen sentences like: I went passed him. (Wrong)
Should be: I went past him.

Reason being, past means what has happened.
Passed means you are doing it now. Or wished you had.

Correct usage:
I went past the shop.
I passed him by.
I should have passed that some time ago.
I saw him go past that store.
I passed the exam.
I went past Joe’s yesterday.

Are you getting it now? It really isn’t hard. You just have to stop and think a moment. Again, get a book like ‘The Writer’s Reference’ by Diana Hacker. Can get it at Amazon. At least get a reference guide. It will help you immensely.

Love you,
Bully Bitch

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