Okay. No more nice guy

I have several issues here today.

I’m reading a book that has a fabulous storyline. I love it. EXCEPT! What in the world is making this author call the floor in a house the ground and the ground outside a floor? This isn’t the only author, either. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? I mean, you don’t go to the store and buy grounding for your house. You go to buy flooring, so why are some authors labeling these things backwards? For heaven’s sake, people. Ground is the dirt and grass outside. Floor is what we walk on in the house. Geesh!

Now for punctuation. I’m reading too many books that don’t have the proper punctuation. A question requires a question mark, like this: ?   A statement doesn’t have a question mark, but I have read some books that actually are putting question marks at the end of them.

(I’m not listing names of these authors here because I wish to protect the guilty. But you all should know who I am talking about if you do any reading at all)

Now I know there are statements that are said much like a question but aren’t, and questions that are said like statements. I know this is confusing but if the authors will take the time to read out loud what they have written, these things will pretty much clear themselves up. Take a moment to do that. It’s called editing.

Now for the last of my tirade.
I read a book that I loved very much, but I read in it a sentence that made me cringe. It goes like this:
‘How he had chased she and Princess ______through the stronghold.’
Come on, people. Do the little exercise I wrote about in an earlier post and remove the words ‘and Princess ____’ . Then say the sentence. ‘How he had chased she through the stronghold’. Now does that sound right? No, it does not. You would say, “How he had chased her through the stronghold.” So the correct way to say the complete sentence is: “How he had chased her and Princess ____through the stronghold.” See how that goes?

These exercises are really very simple. Easy to learn and do, so start doing them. That way you can stop making your readers cringe and get jerked right out of your story. I’m only saying this because I love you. I want you to succeed, become best-sellers. Like I want to be. 🙂

Love you,
Bully Bitch

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