What to do, what to do?

I’m sitting here, wondering what to write for this post. I have several ideas but none of them are fully worked out, so. . .what do I write about today?

Just an off-the-wall topic, I am looking down at my dogs, lying on their bed at my feet, and thinking of all the fleas I have just gotten rid of. Know how I did it? I used Diatomaceous Earth. This stuff is weird. It hardly has a smell, which is good, but it is very finely powdered and gets in everything. Including the fur of my dogs. Real good, that is. Which, of course, is what is needed to get at the fleas. What it does is dry up the fleas. And their eggs and larva. I sprinkled it in their bed and blankets. They haven’t itched since. I don’t know who thought up this product but, man!

Now how’s that for a post? All I can say is I hope it is helpful to someone. I got this product over at Tractor Supply Company.

Love you,

Bully Bitch

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