What scares the daylights out of you?

There are generally 3 reasons people get scared. Things that stop them from doing what they want. And they are:
1. Fear of being seen.
Everybody wants to do what they want. They want to express their own thing and have others pay attention to that. But some people are too shy for that. They want to do their own thing, but they can’t stand the thought of someone knowing it was them. They’d rather hide while doing their own thing. What’s up with that?

Why hide? Animals hide when out doing their thing but that’s for their protection. I mean, real protection. If they didn’t hide, another animal, bigger, will very likely come along and kill them. But we don’t have to worry about that. Unless, of course, you’re out to do harm. But most people aren’t so what do you think will happen if you’re seen doing what you want?

Don’t be so afraid. Go out and dance your heart out, if that’s what you want. Doesn’t matter if you can’t dance. Most people I’ve seen out on the dance floor can’t dance. I can’t, myself. Stop thinking other people will laugh at you because, if truth be known, they can’t do any better than you, so don’t let fear get in your way. Okay? 🙂

2. Fear of being humiliated.
This goes hand in hand with the first one. Forget about being humiliated. Nobody does anything better than you do when they first start out. If there is someone laughing at you, then that person deserves the shame. Just turn away from them and go on about your business. And enjoy yourself.

3. Fear of being alone.
This one can be pretty difficult, but there is hope. There are others out there who enjoy doing the things you like doing. Go find them and join them. It’ll be all right. Very likely they will appreciate your company. And then you won’t be alone.

These are simple things to do. I know they can be difficult but for heaven’s sake, honey, get out there and try it out. I can guarantee you’ll be surprised. And if you can’t find anyone on your first try, try again later. You are not alone. And most people are more friendly than you might be thinking.

Enjoy your life. This is the one you were given. It is possible to enjoy it. You just have to find the way.

Love you,

Bully Bitch

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