Some Philosophical ground maybe

Thought I’d write this while I’m still working on correcting my books. I overheard someone talking about this.

Why are people contradictory?

This is a spiritual discussion.
I have heard many people say, “So&So has passed on now so it’s too late to tell him/her what you wanted to tell him/her”. Said in many different ways, of course, but why do people believe that?

I’ve also heard people say, “Grandma’s watching over us now from heaven” and other utterances of that nature. How can ‘Grandma’ be watching over us when it’s too late to tell her anything after she died? See why I ask why are we contradictory?

We don’t close doors on this world when we leave it. And it’s only our bodies that die, not us. We are our souls, you know. So why would we forget about this world when we leave?

It is never too late to tell anyone anything. No matter who it is and no matter when that person’s body died. Talk to your ancient ancestors, if you want to. They will hear you. That is if they haven’t reincarnated into another lifetime, but that is another discussion.

It all boils down to one, single question each one of us has to ask ourselves eventually and that is – Do I really believe in God?

If you have any viewpoints on this, let me hear from you. Many people will be interested, also.

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