I hate typos and misspelled words.

But it seems I keep doing it. I have started back working on my Zeke Mayhill series, so I had to read the books from the beginning to get back into the story and what do you think I found? Misspelled words and typos. What is the matter with me?

So I’m correcting all that. And I will have to republish those books because I had already put them out there with those errors. I HATE that.

But here’s another way to look at that. What if I become famous and rich because of my writing? (Hey. It could happen) Know what would happen with those books I had all those errors in? There will be only a few out there with those errors. THEY’LL BECOME COLLECTOR’S ITEMS! I mean, look at the postage stamp with the upside down airplane. The government only printed a few pages of those stamps before they discovered their mistake but now those stamps are worth thousands of dollars. Each. What a dream, huh? 🙂

At any rate, I am correcting my mistakes and will get the books republished here soon. Will let you know when all is right again.

Love you,

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