We need to learn how first before we can correct ourselves.

Another way writers, and nearly everyone, misuse the English language is by trying to correct their ill usage but not knowing exactly how. Now, honestly, people. I’m not trying to be mean here, but if we’re going to have the rest of the world start thinking once again that we here in the US are intelligent, we need to learn our language better. Now don’t get mad at me. Just bear with me and we’ll see what I mean.

There are a good many self published authors who have wonderful story ideas. I have bought several ebooks and have loved the stories. But the use of the English language in these stories has made me cringe way too many times. These are not typo’s nor are they missed key strokes. (You know. It’s when you did type the word correctly but one key just didn’t take.) I know these aren’t innocent mistakes because they are repeated often in the stories. So for today, I’m going to give you one more example. Here it is:

Example sentence: Joe went to town with June and I.

It seems to me that people are really trying to speak correct English but they still don’t know how. They’re trying to say ‘I’ instead of ‘me’ and, really, this is good that they are trying, but the example sentence I just wrote is still not correct. And once again, all you have to do to know it isn’t is that little bitty exercise. Remove the ‘June and’ and then say the sentence. ‘Joe went to town with I’. Doesn’t sound right, does it? You need to say ‘Joe went to town with me’. And now add “June and’ and say it. ‘Joe went to town with June and me’. This is the correct way to say that.

Everybody is saying ‘so and so and I’ now. Everybody. No matter where in their sentences they are saying it. Talking and writing. Just remember. When you would use ‘I’ in a sentence when talking only about yourself, say ‘so and so and I’. But when you would use ‘me’ in a sentence when talking only about yourself, then use ‘so and so and me’. It really is that simple.

More to come in another article.

Wishing you success and love you anyway,
Bully Bitch
Author of fantasy romance novels (A K Stein)

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