We need to get out of the ‘Me’ generation.

It’s all over the world now. Other countries know we can’t speak our own language correctly over here in the US. It’s been going on for so long now that people here don’t know how to correct this. But it’s so easy. All you have to do is one little bitty exercise. Here it is:

Example sentence: Me an so and so went downtown.

All you have to do to know this sentence isn’t correct is eliminate ‘so and so’. Now say the sentence. ‘Me went downtown’. Sound right? No, of course not. It’s obvious you would say ‘I went downtown’. That makes you sound intelligent. But here’s another thing wrong with that first sentence.

You should never put yourself first when talking about other people and you in the same sentence.

The field of psychiatry has for years been saying that when we think of ourselves first, we tend to be selfish. For some reason, putting ourselves first triggers selfishness in us. So what we need to do is stop thinking of ourselves first. When we do that in speaking our language, it becomes easy to stop doing that. And proper English dictates that we put other people first in our sentences.

But you still would not say, ‘So and so and me went downtown.’ It still isn’t correct. You would say, ‘So and so and I went downtown.’ That is the correct way of saying that sentence. And you would know that by, again, eliminating the ‘so and so’. See how simple and easy that is? Try it when next time you are talking about other people and yourself. You’ll very soon see the mistakes you are making and be able to instantly correct them.

Here are a few more example sentences:

Me and Jane went shopping. (Wrong)               Jane and I went shopping. (Correct)
Me and John went motorcycle riding. (Wrong)   John and I went motorcycle riding. (Correct)
Me and Joe wet fishing. (Wrong)                       Joe and I went fishing. (Correct)

More to come in the next article.

Wishing you success,
Bully Bitch
Author of fantasy fiction novels (A K Stein)

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