Welcome to my blog!

Hi, guys.
Welcome to my blog. I intend to have fun here and so I hope you do, too. There are issues to be worked out, though. Some political, but others won’t be so serious. Except one. Our use of our own language of English.

You see. Some time ago, I was able to talk with a young man from Egypt and he told me that the reason a lot of people in other countries think we’ve become lazy and stupid is because we can’t seem to speak our own language properly. Most people out there can only know us from what they see on their TVs and hear on their radios. So when we say things like ‘me and so and so went there’ or ‘I done that’, they can’t help but think we’ve become lax. It is the reason the terrorists thought they could bring us to our knees when they bombed our twin towers and the Pentagon. They actually thought we had become stupid. Too stupid to know what to do about their attack. Well President Bush taught them otherwise, but why should we want the rest of the world to think badly of us?

We need to do better. We’re losing the respect of the rest of the world. We’ve been number one for a long time now, but we are losing that position. Why in the world would we want to put up with that?

So here’s the deal. I have a long background of studies in English. I was a major in English in high school and college. Also in literature and writing. So I would like very much to help all of us to relearn our language again, if you will let me. I can guide us in this. I won’t tell you I know all there is about our language, but I do know enough to do this. It won’t be hard. There are way too many very easy lessons for it to be hard and the easy lessons are what I will go with. Now you will notice I ended this last sentence with the word ‘with’. That’s not proper English but it is proper conversational English. It is acceptable. People find it easy to say and hear. It’s comfortable. But when people say things like ‘me and so and so’, that is not acceptable and we have gone way too long saying that in that manner that it has become common. This has to stop if we want to regain the respect of the rest of the world. We can do this, guys, so let us begin. I will have a lesson, very brief one, every week right here. I will have other topics, also, but we need to conquer this one pronto. So be back here as soon as you can and let’s get this done.

I would love to hear what you have to say about all this, so comment. Okay? Thanks.

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